Xperience Capsule

Reveal your story

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” - Albert Einstein

КулТИП 2014


Use mobile technology to connect senses and content

How can this be be accomplished?

  • Associate personal story to Point of Experience
  • Pictures, audio guides, video recordings, 3d models, text...
  • Point and content are Experience Capsule
  • Types of capsules
  • Detect when the user is near a capsule

Who can use the application?

over 50% of the world population use a smartphone

Who wins?

  • Users
  • Cultural institutions
  • Our brand, Xperience Capsule


  • Revenue
  • Marketing
  • Competition?
    • Social media
    • Tourist guides
    • Geocaching networks
    • Augmented reality

Our idea:

combine all to share experience!